Over 1,000 Rhinos Poached Every Year as SA Government Struggles to Implement it’s Own Ban or Find a Solution

December 6, 2018 Big Five 0

TRADE OF RHINO HORN, GOING FORWARD. The recent Constitutional Court dismissal of the Department of Environment’s appeal to keep the ban to trade in rhino horn in place, has become a very controversial subject. The South African government is struggling with a rhino poaching crisis and their attempt to achieve a solution has only seemed to worsen the crisis.

SAFFR Gathering: CITES COP17 Conference – 24 September

August 11, 2018 Big Five 0

0pening Speech by Tracy King
Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

Alexia Abnett the founding director of Southern African Fight for Rhinos is attending the Cites Cop17 at the Sandton Convention Centre so unfortunately could not attend here today.

Lex is the driving force behind SAFFR which was born after she had attended the China / Africa Forum in 2015. She realised then that were would be no stopping the poaching of our rhinos and wildlife if nothing was done.

Southern African Fight for Rhino – Raffle 11

August 11, 2018 Big Five 0

200 Tickets Available at R 50 Per Ticket
This amazing original painting by Crystal Broughton is up for raffle, and we have sold quite a few tickets already.

For less that a cup of coffee, you can own a ticket/tickets for this amazing piece of art!


Finding Solutions to Wildlife / Human Conflict

August 11, 2018 Big Five 0

We have to start thinking about the serious threat of wildlife human conflict. Hunters say the population growth needs to be controlled by hunting.

Game Park management, are able to either sell (auctions bringing in vast sums of money for the government, who will tell you that it goes back into ‘conservation’. However, that is still not enough. The excess animals must be culled or hunted.

FOUL everyone cries. (including me, although I am intelligent enough to realise that solutions need to be found)