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This link posted by Tracy King a few days ago, highlights this demand yet again, and it disturbs me immensely, because I have it in writing from the Federal Government in Australia, that under no circumstances would the rhino be harmed!!

Yet here is more proof…

Read the Article…

Last year I did an expose on Ray Dearloves friendship, with our very own John Hume. ‘Rhino Ray’ as he has been dubbed, is exporting our rhino to Australia, get this, as an ‘insurance’ project, just in case the SA government, is too stupid, and allows the rhino to become extinct. (not to far fetched, mind)

The red flags went up, with the combination of de horning, and stockpiling the horn by JH, the massive amounts of money that would be made, by these de horners, IF the international ban is lifted, and the Asian community link in Australia.

Oh but wait. Ray Dearlove’s friendship is not a ‘deep’ one, as was revealed by a prominent South African NGO. He went there to JHs farm, to ask JH to DONATE some rhino to his initiative, that of exporting our rhino to Australia. Haahahaaaa. REALLY??


Australia’s biggest trade partner is China. (86%)

Australia has a Chinese and Vietnamese population of over 3.4 million.

You getting where I am going with this?

Ray Dearlove has said that the SA government, and the Australian government, are on board with his initiative, and they back it 100%.

I wonder why?

Is the South African government then agreeing with Ray Dearlove, who out of a worldwide population of nearly 8 billion people, was the only person to come up with this so called solution, that they (the SA government) have agreed there is a profound possibility that the rhino will be going extinct on their watch?

Ray Dearlove has the backing of INVESTEC.

Why would INVESTEC invest in the project, if its not to make money for their shareholders?

HOW would this money be made? INVESTEC doesnt play around, with small timers. Indeed, how did Ray Dearlove garner their support in the first place? Has money changed hands perhaps? A partnership, perhaps?

You might all be wondering why I will not let this go.

I refuse to believe, that Ray Dearlove, is doing this because of the ‘extinction’ of our rhino, unless, the South African government, has admitted that they are going to continue to allow the poaching to carry on, unabated, or that they are also so dependent on Chinese trade, that they are making decisions, without due consultation with our very own stakeholders. Our African people.

Perhaps Pelham Jones, could answer some of these questions, as he heads up the Private Rhino Owners Association.

Ray Dearlove has also stated, several times, that these rhino remain the property of the South African government.

How does INVESTEC aim to make money out of this scenario?

As the rhino remain the property of the SA government, then surely, so would all rhino horn? Therefore, IF the ban is lifted, surely, all profits from the sales of the rhino horn, (which belong to the SA government, according to Ray Dearlove) MUST INDEED COME BACK TO SOUTH AFRICA!

I just fail to see the reasons for the export, based on the story from Ray Dearlove.

During my research I found this very very informative article, done by Lynn Johnson, who heads up Breaking the Brand. Once again, forcing me, to tackle this initiative and its true reasons for the validation of this initiative.

I am totally convinced, now, more than ever , that Ray Dearlove, through his friendship with John Hume, has every intention of de horning these rhino.

Will the governments of Australia and South Africa, have control over the figures of births or deaths of the next generation of these captive bred rhino, who by the way, will be re exported back to South Africa, once the situation improves. (if it ever does?)

How will we be releasing these captive bred rhino back into the wild?

Is there a plan in place?

Vietnamese women are being used as mules, at the moment, to smuggle rhino horn into Australia, from Vietnam, as easily, as they can be used to smuggle rhino horn out of SA into Vietnam. The fact that Greg Hunt, replied to my letter, saying that the Federal government of Australia, continues, upgrading and implementing stronger and stricter laws, in the continued fight to protect these endangered species, tells us what??

They do indeed have a massive problem. One only has to watch Border Security, to see how huge the problem is. Auction houses, selling horn as antique inheritances, will not be able to sort the modern horn from an antique one.

How is this being controlled?

Questions that need answering, can come from you, our members. Please feel free to ask, and we will endeavor to answer, but I think that there is enough information out there, to allow you all to make your own conclusions.…/reckless-australian-auct…/

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