Finding Solutions to Wildlife / Human Conflict


We have to start thinking about the serious threat of wildlife human conflict. Hunters say the population growth needs to be controlled by hunting.

Game Park management, are able to either sell (auctions bringing in vast sums of money for the government, who will tell you that it goes back into ‘conservation’. However, that is still not enough. The excess animals must be culled or hunted.

FOUL everyone cries. (including me, although I am intelligent enough to realise that solutions need to be found)

Going forward, we need to look at finding the solutions. Wildlife is being killed by lions, who breed prolifically.

Elephants need vast tracts of land, and literally destroy trees and their own habitat, as they lumber along.

When we get to the rhino, it would be utterly unacceptable, to control them in the wild. However, whilst attending the CITES convention, my feelings of impending doom, are warranted, as hunting in South Africa is a part a certain sector of our diverse cultures, a part of THEIR culture, and the money made by private owners and brokers, is R 1.000,000,000 per year. How much of that is earned by government is difficult to say, as I am doubtful full disclosure is happening. However, the figure came out of President Jacob Zuma’s mouth.

What are the options available to us, to stop this income earning going on? One can see why government backs this enterprise.

It will not stop!

So lets continue on wildlife/human conflict.

The areas that are becoming more and more cultivated for food, is diminishing the wildlife populations habitat.

Hence this conflict.

In an earlier post by Tracy King two baby rhino were killed by lions, and now we are told there are too many lions. These creatures live in an area that needs to be sustained. There are solutions of course, but my immediate concerns are the over abundance of two species in particular.

Elephants and Lions.

Both species, have in areas, been successfully given Contraceptives.

I would go with that as part of a solution, rather than the species getting hunted or culled. Please bare in mind, this seems to only be affecting wildlife populations in Southern Africa. In particular South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe.

Our Northern African countries are calling for their elephant to be declared ‘critically endangered’, so I pray the Parties vote wisely, but given all the doings, and goings on, and deal making happening, I am skeptical.

Lets also try and find solutions as well to the stopping of the canned lion industry. This is a monstrous mess, and although the over 500.000 signature petition was handed over to the DEA, there is very little concrete solutions being put out there, to solve a problem that again is earning millions of Rand. This is an ILLEGAL industry.

So why is it being allowed to continue???

Chris Mercer is THE lion expert and he should at all times be consulted on this awful industry. It was he who exposed this industry, and deserves to be consulted, as his work has indeed made the world aware of this industry, and all the horrifying things going on, with this ILLEGAL industry.

I am no expert, being a grassroots person, but if we can all work together on the evils controlling our wildlife, we can indeed find the solutions. Think about things, and lets see how we map out the agenda going forward.

Make no two ways about it. 2017 will see some very big changes.

Please read this excellent article on elephant contraceptives.


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