Southern African Fight for Rhino – Poaching & the True Numbers of Rhino in SA

Poaching & the True Numbers of Rhino in SA

There are two articles included in this post, only because the numbers that are quoted regarding the rhino, are disputable. VERY!

One does not need to be a rocket scientist, to realize that through scientific evidence, we are able to come to our own conclusions. Right?

The numbers being thrown around lately, are figures that were around 2013 times. Poaching has increased and increased, to such levels, that we have actually reached tipping point, in the Kruger. (more deaths than births).

I put it to everyone, that the reason the DEA stopped issuing figures, and pumping up the numbers, was because of CITES CoP 17. August 2015 being the last time that we were given figures. Ironically, it was also the first time our President went on a walk about in the Kruger. Up till then he had never seen a rhino, in the flesh. He too brandied around the figure of 22.000 rhino. Yet the numbers being bandied about in the following article have actually INCREASED! How on earth is that possible??

The NDFs show that poaching has surpassed the 7% line, which would have enabled the numbers to maintain. This year, 2016 the % has grown, no matter what the DEA says.

So we are going to accept that Dr Kobus du Toit’s research is correct, as he has actually challenged anyone to dispute these findings:

Now the following article, which is quite recent, shows that the numbers are increasing. Does anyone actually KNOW the correct figures?

I must stick with the NDF’s (Non Detrimental Findings 2015) as the figure there falls into line with the figures show by Dr Kobus du Toit.

However, either way we look at it, the situation is dire, and it is up to each and every one of us, to begin making a concerted grassroots stand. Questions need to be answered, and mass peaceful protests need to go hand n hand with petitions which are delivered to the correct governmental institutions.

This we aim to do going forward into 2017.

If you, the people give SAFFR this mandate, and work with us, we will have much to go forward with.

The rhino de horning, needs changing of legislation, and the lion and rhino, and indeed the elephants, need to be declared sentient beings. They need to be treated as victims too. We will fight to have this done, and it might take a while, as the wheels of true justice turn very slowly in South Africa.

There is a chart in the below article, and deserves studying by all.

This link will take you to the dark side:

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