SAFFR – Scale & Nature of Rhino Horn Trade

Scale & Nature of Rhino Horn Trade

This is a terrible scenario, and it is these people that should be targeted, although I am not sure how, if these countries do not take action, and are quite willing to allow our African heritage to be decimated.Please wake up people, time is running out for our rhino.”Overall, EIA’s records document the seizure of 887kg of rhino horn explicitly linked to Vietnam (30 per cent of total seizures) and 695kg explicitly linked to China (24 per cent of total).”DO WE REALISE HOW MANY RHINO DIED FOR THIS?

Map exposes the scale and nature of rhino horn trade – EIA International. EIA has produced an interactive map of the illegal trade in rhino horn, the latest in a series of visualisations of illegal wildlife trade:

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