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        <h1>Illegal Rhino Horn Trade Seizures</h1>

        <h2>Staggering amonts of rhino horn seized</h2>

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         Alexia is an animal activist



          <a>TR Vishwanath</a>

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         Rhino Horn smuggling has increased dramatically across the globe. This indicates that a high level, high profit, multi-national “business”  has emerged to orchestrate rhino horn smuggling. This business relies on corruption and greed and controls major sectors of wildlife conservation, government, border control and export concerns.



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      <p> EIA-International’s <a href=”https://eia-international.org/illegal-trade-seizures-rhino-horn”>report</a> is well researched and enlightening.Shocking research. Shocking! We must also begin trying to link the dots to the dates presented here. 



FACT: Jacob Zuma came into power in 2007.

FACT: John Scanlon took over as head of CITES in 2010.

FACT: Poaching began to escalate:

“Rhinos are primarily threatened by poaching for their horns, driven by demand in Vietnam and China. The past decade has seen a dramatic escalation of rhino poaching: in South Africa, home to about 90 per cent of the world’s white rhinos, poaching rose from 13 animals in 2007 to 1,215 in 2014, a 9,000 per cent increase!! Despite an apparent levelling off of poaching rates in South Africa, continental totals have continued to grow, with at least 1,338 rhinos killed throughout Africa in 2015 as crime syndicates branch out from areas of improved enforcement to hit easier targets.”


      <p>In 2014, approximately 5.7% of the NATIONAL population was poached! (wildlife) This effectively represented 70% of the POTENTIAL annual population increment. 

The Kruger national Park, has already started to show signs of decline. There are more deaths than births..



       <p>Between 2002 and 2012, a total of 810 live white rhino were exported from South africa, this constituting 29% of the total exports during the this time period.

The main destination countries: CHINA (30% of exports) 

Namibia (17% of exports.)

Botswana 8% of exports)

The later two countries importing live white rhino were for re-introduction purposes.

CHINA mainly for zoos and breeding facilities.

BETWEEN 1 January 2010, and October 2014, 424 white rhino were exported from South Africa. 

The main destinations were:

NAMIBIA 200. (hunting country, big time).







          <img src=”http://saffr.co.za/images/Seizures.jpg” />




      <p>My point here is this:

Given the above information, would I be wrong in stating that, from a relatively normal, running biodiverse ecological system, admittedly with some problems, that was working, this all went South, when Zuma came to power?

Surely we as a country should be asking the questions as to why?



      <p>As our wildlife is considered a “commodity”, I do believe the resistance is there, making it very difficult to turn this around. 


        <p>We at SAFFR are teaming up with an organisation who will fight to have our wildlife considered ‘beings’, as any other being. With intelligence and feelings. Rhino are protected under the Animal Protection Act, and we aim to get legislation in place to have the de horning declared ‘maiming’.


       <p>What about CITES? WHY are permits issued to the exporters from this country, to send our rhino to countries who are decimating our wildlife?

When asked, we are told, “well, as they satisfied all set down requirements, we are forced to allow permits to be issued”. 



When asked who is monitoring the destination country regarding, the requirements, we are told “no one, we have to trust them to do the right thing!”

So CITES falls short on so many levels.

Can it be stopped? Only by rattling the cages at CITES with our petition. Please sign and share <a href=”https://www.change.org/p/john-scanlon-head-of-cites-cites-u”>this</a> petition, and tweet widely.





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        <aside>Key References:

Illegal trade seizures: Rhino horn


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        <small>Written without prejudice</small>





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