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        <h1>Isuzu Funding Rhino Dehorning</h1>

        <h2>South Afrcian companies are hacking the wrong horse!</h2>

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         Alexia is an animal activist



          <a>TR Vishwanath</a>

          Vish is a scholar and a gentleman.


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        Rhino dehorning and local trade will potentially accelerate the demand for horn in asian contries. It sends a strong message that our rhino are commercially viable and for sale



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      <p> Dr Kobus du Toit, lawyer for John Hume, says there are only between 1500 to 3000 rhino left in the wild.So in reality this means we have already reached the tipping point.

In reality, that spells disaster for our WILD GENETIC POOL.



These people invited local rural children to witness the dehorning of the rhino!!

What message does this shout out to these future leaders of our country? That it’s okay, that if a vet is called in, ( who also makes money) they can dehorn a rhino, for money?? 

Of course it is only for money. This is teaching them that they can dehorn, the vet makes money, and in three to fours years down the line, they can dehorn again. More money.

The only way to teach our children about protecting their future heritage is by involving them in that protection. 

Through tourism. The BIG FIVE. Ecological Tourism, Photographic Tourism, which is sustainable and can take these future leaders forward for hundreds of years.

As it always was. Corrupt governments for a hundred years, have made these poor people, dependant on handouts and donations.




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      <p>I am disgusted that General Motors has now been caught up in the moneyweb of corruption.

I am disgusted that private owners continue to be backed, not only financially, but by Corporate Companies, to maim our precious beings, instead of trying to find ways of dealing with the decimation of our rhinos in the wild.

That a well known rugby player (I forget his name) who is the owner of the reserve, might think he can make more money once the national ban is lifted. Sies man.



       <p>We need to continue to question these people, who obviously only think further than their own bank accounts, the following:

A. WHY are they dehorning, whilst there are numerous ways available to protect the rhino?

B. WHY are they not backing South African Initiatives, available here, and proudly South African, nogal, that can and do work, in a combination of options?

Options include the following:

1.   <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/rhinorescueproject”>Horn Infusion</a>

2.Increased well trained and well equipped Anti Poaching Units.

3.Collaring ( also known as Bracelets and Anklets)

4.Community Outreach Programmes. ( without these communities being involved, and realising that they are able to empower themselves through tourism, the poaching will not stop)

5. Micro chipping the horn. ( I have a friend, who after losing a couple of rhino, through the chipping, these poachers each got 15 years. Yes after the fact, but it was successful in that two got imprisoned. Two less.

6. A vast improvement on the lack of political will, (especially here in South Africa) to implement stricter measures, and heavier sentences on the perpetrators. A clean up of the judicial system, as there is mounting evidence that the syndicates have indeed, infiltrated the judicial system. (Through CITES we must get the upgrade, and that this petition gets to the numbers required to send a clear message out that the world has had enough of this nonsense).

6. Last but not least, the continued efforts by EIA and Breaking the Brand to educate the demand countries. ( I am not holding out on this, as change might not come in time)So again and again, I beg you all to sign the  <a href=”https://www.change.org/p/despite-otherwise-we-are-losing-our-rhino-in-the-wild-at-an-astronomical-rate-the-gene-pool-is-diminishing”>petition</a> We will also be working to install legislation into the Animal Protection Act, pertaining to the rhino, which does indeed fall under the act, and thereby declaring that dehorning is MAIMING and can therefore not be dehorned anymore. ( much like the applications regarding the docking of a dogs tail)Here is the <a href=”http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.safarilink.co.za%2Fblog%2Fnews-%26-blog%2Fisuzu-rhino-dehorning-project&h=WAQHAURlA&s=1″>horror story</a>  



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