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        <h1>Trophy Hunts linked to Rhino Horn Smuggling</h1>

        <h2>The Role South Africans Play in Rhino Poaching</h2>

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         South African “boere” are implicated in the complicated meachanism of rhino horn smuggling



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      <p> We are quick to blame foreigners for poaching and feeding the demand for rhino horn and yet do we look at the “boere mafia” and what they get up to? 



Using Cites loopholes and devious means for smuggling the horns out through trophys that have been taxidermied for export. The likes of Dawie Groenewald, Hugo Ras, Jan Walter Slippers, Lest we also not forget Gert Saaiman of Saaiman Hunting Safaris, and Sandhurst Safaris owner, George Fletcher, along with Frans van Deventer. Despite (allegedly) organizing the killing of at least 19 rhinos in national parks and on private game reserves, and facing multiple charges (including racketeering, money laundering, various counts of theft, malicious damage to property and contraventions of the various provincial Conservation Acts and the Aviation Act), they walked free in 2010, when their case was “struck from the roll”. These local mafia members will continue to get away with murder if our Environmental Department and Legal processes are not tightened up and enforced.



       <p>T<a href=”https://shar.es/1lw85a”>South Africa’s trophy hunt industry linked to rhino horn trafficking … AGAIN – Africa Geographic</a>




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        <aside>Key References:

Original Source: Annamiticus The July 2013 seizure of 24 rhino horns and arrest of 16 suspects in the Czech Republic points yet again to South Africa’s failure to…



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